How to Stay Connected to Your Body as You Eat

The French are famous for really being present at mealtimes. The ceremony of eating is indeed sacred in France and people really do take the time to sit down, slow down and focus on the joys of eating and the pleasure of good company. In Paris, if you see someone walking down the street wolfing down lunch on the run, the French will look at them and wonder why they don’t sit down and really savour that sandwich. If you don’t have fifteen minutes (at least) to devote to eating, then something is seriously wrong with your life! NHS heroes offers next day free shipping at

Eating is supposed to be physically as well as emotionally satisfying, so if you don’t give eating your full attention, it is very easy to overeat and yet strangely be left wanting more. But how do you stay connected to your body as you eat?

First of all, don’t try to multitask as you eat. In this fast paced world we live in, it is so tempting to want to kill two birds with the one stone, like eating at your desk while finishing an e-mail. But when you eat while distracted, you will do a lot of swallowing, but not much tasting. You will get all the calories, without the bliss! Therefore, true satisfaction will elude you.

Secondly, when your hands and mouth are eating, where are your thoughts? Are they back at the office? Worrying about the calorie count, carb count or fat content of the food you are eating? Fretting over your rude boss? Try to remember that staying connected to your body and eating with pure awareness means focusing on two things only – the pleasure of the food and your body. When you remain present, in both heart and mind, with the food, only then can you begin to hear the inner symphony of pleasure, which will leave you feeling satisfied sooner. Ultimately, when you savour every mouthful with pure awareness, while staying attuned and responsive to your inner satiety signals, you end up consuming less food overall.

It is important to practice checking in (consciously) with your fullness level as you eat, until it becomes automatic (unconscious) behavior. Many over-eaters eat without awareness (compulsively) and often this can be the difference between someone who struggles with their weight, versus someone who doesn’t. Next time you eat, make an effort to bring your mind back to your body, and see what a difference it makes!